Enamel Pins now Available in our Etsy “Shoppe”

Get the whole gang on our Etsy shoppe!

Get the whole gang on our Etsy shoppe!

***Drumroll Please***

The ladies of The Window Box have bid adieu to their digital confines, and have been enamelized for your purchasing pleasure. (Feel free to stop reading now and take a look!)

I’m soooooo excited to finally share these with you. The marvelous Vivian Tsai of Sugar Cubed Studios (check out her store too!) designed these pins, and I don’t think she could have done a better job. Each character is paired with their favorite flower (or in Finley’s case, favorite plant), along with little gold accents. Ugh, as I write this I keep getting distracted by how shiny they are. I don’t know about you, but I for one LOVE shiny things. Especially shiny pretty things, which is exactly what these pins are.

Look are our pretty pins!!! They’re so shinyyyyyyy.

The best part though, is you can now take the crew anywhere you go. Maybe you can even feed off their ~vibes~.

Need a boost of confidence for that board meeting on Monday? Margot will fight them for you.

Want to finally sit down and get that creative project started instead of just starting another load of laundry? Paige is your gal.

Adventure time?! Finley already has her suitcase packed.

Got a dinner party for 25 people with 25 different dietary restrictions? Sophie’s got you covered.

Just want to get out of the house? You know Elsa would be more than happy.

Or you can take everyone along with you if you’re someone who needs to confidently create amazing travel plans for a party of 25 who are all sick of sitting in the house.

There’s only ~80 of each pin available on our SundewStudiosShoppe (note: not  “shop,” because yes, fine, I’m pretentious. Whatever.) so if you want’em, go get’em! Also if you purchase a complete set, you’ll get a bit of a discount. Right now, I’m currently shipping to anyone in North America, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, & Australia. If you’re from a country that falls outside that list, feel free to let me know, and I’ll see what I can do!

In the meantime, if you need anymore convincing of how gorgeous these pins are, peruse the carousel of images below. And once you’re convinced, go check out the shoppe!

Allie Ast