Five Ways to Style Your Enamel Pins

Yes, I’m using this tacky-as-hell gif again and you can’t stop me!

Yes, I’m using this tacky-as-hell gif again and you can’t stop me!

As you all know, enamel pins of the characters from The Window Box are now available on our Etsy shop. You can wear them wherever you go now! The only question that remains is… how? Sure you can just pin them to your canvas tote bag, or your ripped up denim jacket. However, we’ve got some other stylish stylings for you to consider. The Window Box is a pretty glam game. Why not glam up your enamel pins too using some of the ideas below??

  1. Instead of a jean jacket, try a colorful silk cardigan. Silk is one of my favorite fabrics, and I think the texture compliments the pins well. In the fall, I can’t wait to pair them with my other favorite, velvet!

  2. For a more professional-but-still-fun look, wear them on a tailored blazer. This is definitely a Margot-approved look. Also, lapel pins are totally a thing. Who said they were only for men’s suits??

  3. We all have a collection of silk scarves none of us know how to actually wear. I finally got around to learning, and can say they’re now one of my favorite accessories to wear around my neck.

  4. BUT! You can also use silk scarves to wear your enamel pins with any handbag you own! Just tie it around the strap instead of your neck, and voilà! You just got yourself a new bit of flair. 

  5. If your straw hat makes you feel like a farmer, try pinning your pins to it. It’s a great way to add some sparkle to this summer staple, while still maintaining a simple look.

Check out the gallery below to see these looks in action! Do you have any favorite ways to show off your enamel pins? Let us know in the comments :)

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