Interior Decor Ideas Inspired by “The Window Box”


When designing Elsa Parelli’s home for The Window Box, we knew it needed to be a little weird, or rather, eccentric. We drew inspiration from numerous sources such as the home of Claude Monet, Elsa Schiaparelli (who TWB’s Elsa is based on), and the interior designs of Madeleine Castaing. Their use of vibrant colors, fun shapes, and eclectic objects almost made it easy to figure out what Elsa’s home would ultimately look like. It also probably helped that designing Elsa’s home felt like designing a dream home. 

A dream home that isn’t made up of shades of beige on beige on beige.

Such is apartment life…

BUT! I suppose beige’s saving grace is that it’s an inoffensive blank pallet that begs for embellishment. Nothing really  clashes with beige, so you’re free to do whatever you want with it. 

So maybe you’re in a situation like me, dreaming of the day when you can paint your walls, or maybe you’re not (in which case, you better be taking advantage of the wallpaper trend for all of us who can’t!). Either way, I’ve got some tips on how to glam up a boring-ass-beige place of residence, or more ways to add some glam to an already glammed up place. All inspired by The Window Box ofc. 

Goodbye Thumbtacks and Hello to Wall Art with Proper Frames

One of the signs you’ve reached true adulthood is properly framed art hanging on your walls. The only downside is it can be a bit pricey. There are options though. For example, you can buy pre-framed prints from Target or Walmart. Standard frames are also generally much cheaper than custom framing. Another one of my favorite ways to save money is using a standard frame, but getting custom matting. It’ll still run a pretty penny, but not nearly as much as a full custom framing. For reference, the print of the girl with blue hair (“The Botanist”) by Natalie Foss is a standard frame with custom matting. The rest either came framed, or I just did it myself.

A Statement Chair You will Never Sit in


A.K.A. a glorified dog bed. Though honestly I love this chair. It’s so pretty. And to think I nearly bought a cow print one instead… (shout out to my mom who told me it was a bad idea!). To me, a statement chair is like a usable sculpture. It can add a unique shape and texture to a room, while also giving back in the use of being an extra seat when guests are over. Or as a dog bed... The other nice thing about statement chairs is they’re generally cheaper than buying a statement couch, and they really do come in all sorts of colors, fabrics, and sizes.

A Bookshelf Decorated with Things You Like but don’t Need


Bookshelves are amazing. Not only are they a visual representation of all your favorites subjects, but they can hold so much stuff. The space in front of your books is a perfect spot to artfully arrange your fun knick knacks. Your bookshelf can literally be the spot in your room that is an ode to you! Also the nice thing about shelves is that they’re easy to rearrange and redecorate to your mood. It’s much easier to move around books and a few little figurines rather than buy a whole new piece of furniture.

The Fancy Floor Rug that Requires a Glass Table to See


Before you say anything, yes, this is the same rug pictured above. However, this image was taken in this rug’s natural habitat: in between my couch and television underneath my coffee table. Here, it takes up the center of the room with all its colorful glory. I really did buy this coffee table so I could see it. Also I feel like glass furniture helps small spaces feel more… spacious. The rug also helps break up the vast beige wasteland that is my actual carpet. You can’t really tell from this picture (which maybe means maybe I should’ve taken a different one…), but the rug also ties together the purples, reds, and oranges I have on my couch and in the painting above it. I guess you could say a rug keeps the color flowing across the room.

The Momentary Beauty of Fresh Cut Flowers


There really isn’t anything like fresh flowers to brighten up a room. Yes, they die in, like, a week, but for that week they’re just a little bundle of joy. It’s also fun to put cut flowers in non-traditional vases. Vintage milk bottles and pitchers can make great vases. Also splitting up a store bouquet across several small containers means you get multiple bouquets from one. My favorite place to buy vases is usually thrift stores. You can find ones of all different styles there, and you get to save a lot of money. Also there’s no need to buy the most expensive bouquet you can find. Personally I just get a bunch or two of alstroemeria, since they have great color, last up to two weeks and tend to cost no more than $5.

Allie Ast